Cancellation Policy

Patients who cancel their therapy appointments with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full service fee (as displayed in the front reception area). Any patient who does not show for his/her appointment will also be charged the full fee. Patients will be responsible for clearing their punitive account before any future appointments will be scheduled.

Patients are responsible for leaving the CHSM with an appointment card when booking appointments in person. Any discrepancies that exist in the date/time of appointments between the CHSM and the patient will default to what is written on the patient's appointment card. Appointments are encouraged to be booked in person to minimize any errors between the CHSM and the patient.

This cancellation policy has been strictly enforced since July 1st, 1998. Please understand that these regulations, ultimately, are in place to help serve you better. Our quality of service is as important to our team as is our success in restoring you to good health.