What is Osteopathy? 

Osteopathy is a profession that extensively uses manual assessment and treatment with an emphasis on the interrelationships between structure and function of the body.  The foundation of an osteopathic treatment is based on anatomy and physiology, and follows the theory that imbalances in human structure are related to disease. Their role is to encourage self-healing through manual treatment by removing any and all obstacles that obstruct nutrition and proper drainage of the body’s tissues. 

What are the Educational Requirements of an Osteopathic Practitioner? 

Osteopathic Practitioner requires 4 years (4200 hours) of osteopathic education in Osteopathic Medicine and 1000 practical training hours. 

For more information on Osteopathy visit Ontario Osteopathic Association.

Benefits of Osteopathy

  • Decrease Pain 

  • Increase Joint Mobility 
  • Increase Circulation 
  • Reduce Blood Pressure 
  • Reduce Tension in the Body

Cited from Ontario Osteopathic Association.


$120 - Osteopathy Treatment/ Assessment (1 hr)