The facility was designed by my father, Jack Winston, as was our previous office.  My father was one of the top Interior Designers in Toronto for the duration of his 57 year career.  The tragic and abrupt departure of my father on June 28th 2012, had left a dark cloud over many of our heads.  His passing has left a void in many of our lives, that will never be adequately filled, but the opening of the new Centre, has given us the opportunity to dedicate this facility in recognition of his stellar Interior Design career.  His legacy will live on for years to come, as his design, taste in colours, and choice of finishes shout out Jack Winston at the Centre.  With the great assistance of Ms. Mira Bedder, a talented Interior Designer who also acted as my father’s design assistant, and Mr. Ricky Kirshenblatt, and his company RKS Building Group Ltd., we were able to bring my father’s vision of the new Centre to life, after his death.  So often in life, a death gives way to a birth, and this is no different at the Centre.  We only hope that you can feel his passion for design, and his love for the Centre, as he was very proud of what he created.  Being the dedicated and fitness crazed athlete that he was over his years, it also embodies one of his most important philosophies in life, as he believed so strongly in exercise as a form of medicine. 

My father was an icon in the world of Interior Design, and was loved by many.  He touched many lives, and he will continue to do so.  His belief in teaching others, to help propagate the world of design, is no different from our philosophy of being “Committed to educate, not just rehabilitate”
We honour his memory by performing, every day, at the level of excellence that he performed at throughout his career. This is how we fill the void, by being inspired by his devotion to his clients.  Being the consummate perfectionist, always feeling that he could reach a little higher, try a little harder, and achieve perfection, but never being so bold to think that he was perfect.  This is the model that we will try to follow at C.H.S.M.

Thank you, for your dedicated patronage over our first 15 plus years.  We only hope that we can approach the level of performance that my father achieved for his clients, so consistently, over his 57 year career.  All of our Staff at the Centre looks forward to serving you, at the highest level and standard of care, for many more years to come!
Respectfully submitted, 

Dr. Howard A. Winston
Medical Director, CHSM